Monday, April 30

From the First Week

The moment the plane landed in Seattle, everything has been a whirlwind. Everyone exited the plane before me, as I tried in vain to wake up the eldest. I ended up carrying all 47lbs of her, and our carry-on bags with one arm, while guiding a sleepy Addy with the other hand. It was a long walk to the baggage claim. We were all exhausted. Mom was waiting for us at the end of the escalator like a ball of sunshine and I exhaled (literally, almost dropping that sack of potatoes in my arm). It was a long night, but with a bright morning. 

First thing after breakfast Wednesday morning? In the garden. I found myself thrilled with the state of those raised beds that Susan helped me build last year. Ten minutes of weeding, they were done. Crazy! Since then, I have been out there as much as I can between working on the set and going to play practices.

I snapped some shots of the crop from my winter planting that made it through. Had some salad from the garden today. YUM! Gonna mow the lawn tomorrow if the rain eases up, then down to Molbaks for some seeds for the summer crop. Thankful for the encouragement and refreshment working garden brings. 

A sweet reminder while taking a rest from weeding. 

Lots of green onions keeping a neat row.  

Raspberries looking good (two of ten bushes coming in!)

Salad mix survived the winter! Plenty of salad still available!

The lone cauliflower, wimpy, but lovely!

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  1. I can't believe how good your salad is doing! So beautiful! And your green onions..tell them to come show my green onions how it should be done ;o) Happy you get to be "home" and spend some time with your mama. Enjoy your visit & eat the wimpy cauliflower...I bet it's so tender ;o)