Tuesday, April 10

Girly Room

I am always seeing these sweet DIY hanging rods all over the place and finally got around to making one for the girls. Both of my little ladies love to dress up and dance around the house. We only have a couple of outfits that I consider really special, so I thought it would be nice to hang them up in the girls room, instead of hiding them away in the closet. 

Yesterday on our walk, we went outside and found a nice stick for the clothes rod. We brought it home and spray painted it white. A couple of bows and some twine added the finishing touches. All in all a very simple project. I hung them up high so that the girls would not use the rod as a swing. Lily devised my plan and promptly showed me that she could reach them by balancing on the edge of Addy's bed. That little stinker!

Speaking of beds, these are the new-to-us bunk beds we scored off Craigslist a few weeks back. Our girls no longer look like homeless children sleeping on blankets huddled in the corner at night. Plus one for the parents! 

For apartment living, my girls are having a blast with their new room and their new beds. We are so thankful the girls are flexible and seem to just roll with the punches. I have learned many valuable lessons from them and this whole experience. 


  1. Looks wonderful! :) You've got style, girl!
    Can't wait to see my girlies!!!!! xoxo

  2. That bunk bed is so cute! Perfect for two little girlies!