Tuesday, March 6


Tuesday. Apparently, Tuesday did not get the message. This is supposed to be the calm day. Serenity Now! My first tip-off should have been when I started bawling at lunch. The mister told a sweet and heart breaking story about a mother saving her two kids during the tornadoes last week. Puddles. So much crying, Lily went straightaway to the bath room to retrieve tissues for me to dry my eyes. 

After that, I should have known better than to watch The Velveteen Rabbit with the girls before nap time. 

Picture three of us crying. 

"Please, momma, skip to the end so I can just see the happy part. Please!" 

OK, quick fast forward. 

"Momma, where is the rabbit?"

"Over there in the woods! See he is REAL!"

"No, that's not him! He BURNED in the FIRE!"

More tears. 

"A" for effort. "F" for execution.

There is always tomorrow.


  1. Lydia that what I was going to say " There always tomorrow " or I could tell some more tornadoes stories but I won't. Here have some more tissues. The girls are sure grown up fast. Tell the girls that Grandpa love them. Love Dad

  2. Your girls are so cute! Your eldest is a mini You!

    1. Really? Thanks! I will take that as a HUGE compliment! Huge!

  3. Some weeks we are just puddly messes! It was a weekend for that here - and yesterday! I WILL call you this week,dear! Love you! The girls look so beautiful - and I love the footwear choice! That's my girls!!