Tuesday, March 20

Flower Crowns

Did you ever make flower crowns when you were a kid? I did. Like a hundred. And I am pretty sure that I'm rounding down. 

There are times when I look at Lily and all I can see is her papa. Her art, her quiet disposition, her knock-knock jokes. Those times seem to dominate for the most part. I find myself thinking, "She is mine. I was there at her birth. I know she is mine." 

But, when she gets her girly side on, picking flowers, humming softly, dreaming about princesses, then I see it. 

This evening the mister took Adelaide on a date to the laundromat and then milkshakes, so Lily and had our own date right here at the apartment. We went for a bike ride, hung out with the cool kids at the park, picked some flowers for crowns and rings, and gathered more flowers to give to papa. 

Near the end we decided to goof around with the camera. Goofing is one of her father's best characteristics.

If you have a little girl, here is your assignment: go out and make flower crowns (even if the only flowers you have are weeds), laugh with each other, whisper about princesses and knights, share some secrets. It does a momma's heart good.


  1. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! <3

  2. Janet! You would be proud that I remembered to grab my camera!!!! THought of you, one picture a day!