Sunday, February 12

Weekend Ramblings

Some random thoughts on this most lovely Saturday night.

Here is a soundbite for you: my youngest, who should be sleeping, is at this moment yelling from bed, "NOT need to go potty, Momma!" Not sure why she feels compelled to tell me what she does not need to do... While I choose to ignore this new, but totally expendable piece of information, my husband is very serious-faced in some pretty serious-face kind of work: LEGO!

The living room floor is currently bespeckled with hundreds of Lego (apparently those in the know, know that the term Lego is both singular and plural, so it would be hundreds of Lego, not Legos, kinda stinks to be in the know sometimes). Bespeckled. He is building house number three, I believe, since last week. He and the girls have taken a shine to Lego house buildin'. I must admit, I like the time it gives me to become a veggimite on the sofa and supervise the goings on.  

While the mister is building, I am once again humming a song that will not leave my brain: We Are Young, by Fun. The chorus is affixed to my medulla oblongata. The mister and I  heard this song for the first time last week from this Chevy SuperBowl Commercial.  Every time I hear that chorus I am instantly lip-syncing and raising my hands in a very Carter-from-Fresh-Prince kind of way (Interesting tidbit: I also dance this way to "I'm Gonna Be" by the Proclaimers). So, of course we had to google it. Through a series of links we found out some of the guys in the commercial are actually an amazing band: OK GO! My new favorite silly band, hands down (Interesting tidbit dos: the mister has always loved They Might Be Giants, and now I claim OK GO for my own bit of musical fluff). Their music videos are brilliant, in the really smart way and in the British Kipper way, meaning super cool. 

I am sure this peek into our lives must have been eye opening to tens of you. So, hear are two awesome links you should for sure check out, if you too are enjoying a lazy evening:  niftybrick: the coolest Lego blog out there at the moment (under my name, but it is the mister's doings), and OK GO: the best YouTube video you will watch all day. Promise. Merry weekend everyone!

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  1. HA! I haven't seen OK GO! since the treadmill video. That was a cool one! ;o) Random thoughts and wonderings always welcome...keep 'em coming!