Friday, February 3

Nap Time = School Time

There was once a point in my life when nap time was the time to get everything done. Dishes cleaned, dinner prepared, a little "me time" here and there. But, since Lily turned three two years ago, she quiet gave up the nap altogether.  So, we have been doing school work off and on during Addy's nap time.

Sometimes I look at it a little begrudgingly, like my quiet time has been stolen from me. Whoa, hello selfish me! It is like when you are walking in a beautiful park and all you do is stare at your crummy shoes! Looking at my girls today, I was so pleased and cheerful. One sleeping babe, and one hard working school girl.

My attitude took me by surprise. Then my surprise took me by surprise. I feel so grateful for what God has gifted to the mister and me. We don't deserve this, but He gave them to us anyway. They take time, and energy, and pieces of me that I don't always want to give away. I am determined to keep my eyes up, taking in the view here in my home. What a lovely view it is.


  1. thank-you so much for sharing a little of "you" with us. I wish I could just hop in the car and visit with you for an afternoon. wish we could order those eggs again. I miss those.
    Can you share what you guys are doing now? how long where your at? things like that. Love you sweet friend

    1. Well, we will be here for sure a year, at the minimum, but beyond that, it all depends of Stephen's job and where it takes us. We could be here several years, we will know more in six months.

      We have found a lovely church family and are already feeling at home there. Great preaching and teaching. Kind and generous church folk who have already begun investing in us and we in them. Can you believe it? Praise the Lord!!!

      The day-to-day is still not routine yet for me. I am learning about the things to do here in Shreveport (libraries, playgroups, parks, etc). It has helped so much to make some church friends and attempt to meet with them during the week.

      Before Grace Church in Washington I never understood the need for being with your church family during the week and learning and growing along side them, but that became the norm in WA, thank the Lord. We feel grateful and blessed to have found a church here so quickly that also sees the value in living the Christian life out in the open in front of each other.

      On a random side note, today I found a place that sells Virgil's Rootbeer (the misters favorite and a staple in the fridge back home). It has finally ended a long two-month search, and brought great happiness this afternoon when he came home for lunch and discovered it on the counter. Seems like a small thing, but it was a little piece of home that kind of made it feel like home here, too.

      Would love to sit down and visit you, too! Doesn't it seem that we have developed our friendship more over the computer than face to face? Haha! Life is funny that way. God brings people into your life in all different ways. I miss the eggs, too. It is not easy finding natural food choices here. That has been one of the biggest dificulties. But, little by little I am learning how to shop.

      Love you, friend! Please, send me a message letting me know how you are and what you are up to!

  2. Oh time during naptime is so much easier ;o) I have discovered though, that when we school in the morning, Olivia has to learn to focus while distractions are upon her (in the form of the little sister!)...and I think that's not so bad to learn too.

    Right on about the selfish me-time. I battle the same thing so often. I love my me-time and find myself a bit crabby when I don't get it...bad me! One thing motherhood continues to bring to the front - how selfish I am! ;o(

    Looks like Lily & Livi are learning the same things right now...we're writing A & working on sounds. Pre-reading stage is so very fun! I feel like I am not even really teaching her to read & she's picking it up so well. Will you be putting Lily in school down there or are you thinking of doing her schooling for a while?

    1. Deb, I think i will give it a try doing to schooling in the morning. Sounds nice to me. Actually never really thought of doing that, isn't that funny?

      Yes, we will be homeschooling. At this point our plan is to homeschool up to high school age. But things could always change. Who knows, but God?

      I love your posts about the things you are teaching Livi. Very inspiring to me and encourage me to reach beyond the worksheets and make it more of an experience. Love you!

    2. YAY! I love gleaning from my friends who homeschool and I will love sharing this experience with you (from afar)! Something I forgot to add before is that I use naptime for Quite Time for Olivia b/c I still think it's so important that she knows how to occupy herself. I have her do Busy it and you'll love the concept.

      So glad things are feeling like home there. I feel the need to tell you a few months ago we were starting to plan a summer trip out to the northwest and you were going to be on our list of people to see...but it just didn't take shape, and now I think we're heading south to our old stomping grounds in Tampa. Who knows...maybe one day we'll show up on your doorstep - Ha!

      Love you!

  3. While all of motherhood teaches us to values others above ourselves, there is absolutely nothing wrong with needing some quiet time away from the kids to think, pray, craft, bake or whatever you want to do! I found that after my oldest gave up naps, it was just as beneficial for him to have "quiet room time" in the afternoon when he would normally nap. Sometimes the quiet alone time gave him the chance to rest and take a cat nap and sometimes it is just for quiet play. And since he is my "velcro" child, it is good for him to be forced to entertain himself, even for a short time. Try it, I think you'll like it! :)