Monday, February 13

Disturbing Images from Room Time

This is how I found the dolls after room time last week:

Seems sweet enough. A little dinner party with friends...

Whoa! Back up! Are they eating a baby! Hello Creepsville!

Another baby in the potty. Same old, same old.

Not sure what the circumstances were here, but I think a double funeral might be order. 


  1. where did you get these toys? I love the simpleness of them.

  2. The doll house (not in the picture) we picked up at the Goodwill for a steal. It came with all the furniture. The mister and I found it later in a novelty shop for around 150 bucks! The dolls are a culmination of Melissa and Doug (Amazon), some Cottage Critters (Target) and some old toys from our childhoods. :o)

  3. Whow, what a steal!!! Remember how you and me used to play dolls and house. You always had to have some party or something and me always had to have someone sick with cancer and hair falling out or love the drama in a dolls life..lolol From Beka, your sis.