Saturday, February 25

Copycat Craft: Monster Sculptures

This past week, one of my best friends from college and fellow mommy blogger posted about a fun craft she and her kiddos did yesterday. I thought it was such a great idea, I swiped it for ourselves and we all had a monster good time after breakfast this morning. 

The basic premise: sculpt a monster out of play dough, draw the outline of your sculpture in crayon (since the paint won't stick to the wax), then paint it up nice and pretty. See more detailed info on Karen's blog: Twighee's Leaves

Here's our version:

Lily's little guy.

That's mine. This was too fun. 

Addy's dot monster. Terrifying. 

Did I mention the mister joined in today? He out-shined us all, I'm afraid. 

Yep, that's a winged, headless elephant. See what I mean? Rattle your bones kind of freak show here. 

Have a happy weekend, everyone!


  1. I love your creations! You could have not showed us Stephen's though...I'm feeling so inadequate right now!
    Is that a new table you have? So glad to see you're not squished around the little end table anymore. I've been praying for you as you continue to settle in. Much love and thanks for the compliment of copycatting!

  2. From Beka (SISTER): Stephen, I think lily and Addy has surpassed your artistic capabilities.

  3. Wonderful! I love that you all take part! I think that now you need to watch Monsters Inc! Yours would fit in perfectly :) Keep on creating!

  4. Cute. Super LOL on Stephen's; unfortunately that creative species of monsters died out way too soon, on account of not havin' a mouth and all. :D Aaron

    1. If only there were a day every year we cold take time to celebrate that most noteworthy of species: Ye Ol Headless, Wing-ed, phant. Some day the world will recognize.