Wednesday, January 4

Total Cliff Hanger

The poster for Cliff Hanger II 

Spying out her path...

I love how the sun glints off the belly. Ahhh...the Tummerz. So proud. So proud. 

We spent a couple hours today walking around the base discovering some new parks and places to play with the girls. At one of the playgrounds, we found a fun climbing wall. Lily climbed up a similar wall yesterday with the mister. She decided to tackle this one all on her own. I chuckled to myself at her oh-so-serious poses after I checked out these shots. 

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  1. homeofthecs.blogspot.comJanuary 04, 2012

    I am so thankful to stay in touch with you through your blog. Been praying for your safe travels and now moving into a place to live. How are you doing? Is this a short stay or something long term? Wish I could just sit and have a cup o coffee with you. Take care !!