Monday, January 9

The Sweet Parts

Sometimes, all you need is a good cake. A really good cake. Since there is no way to bake in our little 2'x4' hotel kitchen, a good cake picture will do just as well. Honestly, I got a little sad this past week. Missing my choir on Thursday, missing my church on Sunday, missing my YMCA every day around ten. It hits me in small waves. I'm spending a lot of time refocusing my mind and trying to keep my thoughts on Christ, on this amazing journey, on what is ahead, not on what is behind.  I am determined, chin raised, not to pass judgement on every little thing in LA, and carry around my WA measuring stick with me wherever I go. That is just not fair to this sweet place. Already, there have been many happy surprises and we have even met some dear, sweet friends. 

So, what's up with the cake? Well, I guess I just get sick of my own whining! When I get overwhelmed with the unknown (Which church family do we belong to? Is that the right apartment for us? Will I get to garden this summer? Will I want to garden in a hundred degree weather?), I have to decide to give it up, stop trying to figure it all out, and do something for someone else. This is not a pat-myself-on-my-back kind of post, just a good reminder to myself of one of our greatest blessings: giving!

Enter Adelaide's third birthday coming up January 26th. I did this last year, too: found the cake first and then planned the whole thing around it. Somehow, I have managed to keep princess cakes at bay, and have been able to make sweet little girly cakes with the great approval of my kiddos. Adelaide and I sat down a couple of says ago and started looking for the perfect cake. She got so excited about the candy heart and the strawberry center. It was nice to get excited for her and talk with her about what we could do to make it special. So the cake is set, and the rest of the plans are still to come. 

I talked with Lily today about planning ahead for Addy's party and gift. We talked about how she can serve her sister and find great joy in giving to someone else. It told her it's important to be thoughtful and she should find ways to serve her family and friends often. She is excited to jump in and start crafting a masterpiece. It reminded me why I love doing things like planning parties for the girls, or baking cookies for the neighbors, or giving the girl's too-small clothes to friends. Getting your mind off yourself for a while is like breathing in fresh air. I can get pretty self-focused and make excuses for being so. Today, I am thankful for cake, for making something for someone else, for Christ who teaches me lessons everyday.  


  1. We missed you at choir too Lydia! :( Thanks for your uplifting attitude - I needed to refocus today! Praying for God's abundant peace for you all today~


  2. Lydia, remember the moves we made while you were young, they were just as hard but we made it with the Lord help. You will make you. Just trust the Lord. Maybe you need a visit by your Dad to cheer everybody up. Remember the Lord is with you everyday. God blessed you all. Dad

  3. Thanks Joan and Dad! We have a down pour of rain today, feels like Washington. :o) Drinking lots of coffee and chillin inside with my girls.

  4. Also, I am not the first or the last to make a big move. Thanks for reminding me, Dad, we even did it when we were kids. Back then, it all seemed exciting and fun. I think my girls feel the same way. Just different perspectives!

  5. From Beka: I remember too sis..the BIG MOVE from memphis to watertown...Remember how everyone thought we had accents and we thot they did too... Don't forget, Me and dad are just 16 hours away and jason is less than that...I was thinking about going to see mom for her spring break since you will be going out for the actual play