Sunday, January 1

Not a Great Documentor

Just realized as I pulled up the photos from our five day, 3,000 miles trip, that, yeah, I really don't pull out the camera too often. Oh well. Here is what we have from our little excursion. 

Sweet Adelaide, took a little nap every day in the car. She usually woke up not quite as sweet, but a who would be cheery after sleeping like that?

The long, long, long road. So long.

My sis-in-law, Anika, in Sand Diego. The mister took this shot and told me I looked silly trying to bend down to get in the photo. Yeah, I guess he was right. Haha! Oh well!

All the cousins together! Hooray! This little stay here made  the girls trip. They loved being with their cousins and playing and especially not being in the car!

The mister drove, we think, 47 of the 49 hours we spent on the road. He gets motion sickness and can't turn around to help out with the girlies (strictly between you and me, I think he didn't want to tell me my driving makes him queasy).

When they are like this, they don't need too much attention.

I think I spent 47 of the 49 hours turned around like this. My face got really tired after the first 30 hours. 

Home Search Update: We looked at a rental this morning, but it wasn't too promising. Not much to do today, since most places were closed for New Years Day. We have all day tomorrow to look again for a nice place to lay our heads. 


  1. Hey, you did great! So good to see your tired faces! Will be praying for the home search tomorrow - miss you so much already, friend!
    Documenting tip: Janet is no longer regularly available to do so :( so determine to take ONE photo per day and you will have at least 365 by next year!...and be in the habit :) Or just buy LILY a camera!! Love you!Miss Janet

  2. Lyd! You rock the aviators!