Thursday, December 1

Wrapping Up

With the move to Louisiana happening right after Christmas, the mister and I wanted to keep all the holiday crazies at bay. Keeping things simple since I like minimalism in theory. We are constantly trying to de-fussy our home, throwing out non-used items (see ya microwave), getting rid of anything that has an inkling of clutter looming around it (smell ya later ceramic parrot no one loved but me). All to say, we aren't buying tons of stuff this year for each other or the kiddos. Strangely, I feel excited about this, since it means less to put away and less to pack in three weeks. 

Last year, since the man was on the other side of the world for Christmas, I wrapped everything in fabric scraps left over from other projects. It was mish-mashy and interesting. I liked the cozy feel to fabric wrapped gifts. No tape, just knots and string to keep everything held together. Best of all, no wrapping paper to gather up and throw away. I just folded it all up again and put it back in the closet after all the gifts were opened. 

This year we are trying something different. The mister and I both liked the idea of some simple kraft paper wrapping for our gifts, and using string and yarn to decorate. I found the kraft paper at Walmart, 30 yards for $3 (it was in the office supply section). I used some yarn and string I already had at home along with a couple spools of ribbon I picked up on sale. Over all, around six bucks for all our wrapping for the holidays! 

It was pretty easy to find fun ways to string up the gifts. Even the girls helped me put them all together. I still have a couple more packages to decorate, but I am excited about how the gifts are all tied (get it?) together. And for all you gumpsterz out there, it is December 1st today! We are allowed to be all Christmas-y up in here!


  1. Love this ;o) Thanks for the Walmart tip! Would've never thought to look there for paper!
    ((on a totally separate note, Aaron Gavin would hate this comment b/c of all the explanation points I had to use. But I love to use them! I DO!!!!!!!!!))

  2. I wasn't aware of his disdain for exclamations. Sad. Sad world with the exclamation point. Everything turns into Eeyore speak. See what I mean.

  3. Ceramic parrot????? Do I want it?????

  4. Well, she has gone to way of the curb. But I only parted with her after re-glueing her crown fethers for the hundreth time (she was knocked of the table may time, poor girl). Sorry, Joanie!