Tuesday, December 27

We Made it to San Diego and Happy Birthday to Momma!

First leg of the trip complete! The second, longer, warmer, stranger leg is still to come. That is a very funny sentence out of context. Goodnight!

P.S. Happy Brithday to the greatest mom to ever mother me! She takes the cake! 

Also P.S. We are leaving this morning to tackle Arizona and then sneak into New Mexico and Texas on Thursday! Thanks for all your prayers. 


  1. homeofthecs.blogspot.comDecember 27, 2011

    awesome posom. We like to say that.
    anyhow, thinking about you and praying for safe journey. Keep us posted.

  2. What a beautiful picture! Miss you already!! Thanks for the update! Janet

  3. Sweet picture. Hope your girlies are traveling well. Praying for that and safety for your travels!

  4. So glad to read that y'all are safe. I will be praying for the next leg of the journey. Miss you so much!

  5. Was thinking of you Monday night and wondering where you were in all of this. Thanks for the check in.
    Ran across a pic this morning of us standing in front of my room in the dorm. ;o) Made me smile.
    Love you, Friend!