Wednesday, December 7

Our Timeline

We are getting down to it. I keep wishing the days wouldn't go by so quickly. It seems that being a military wife (which still seems strange to me), and soon to be a civil service wife (who knows what that means?), I am just gonna  keep expecting the unexpected. At least as far as time lines, schedules, planning anything goes. You know, the little things. So, for all you who have been asking about our time line for moving, here is my best guess (beware, this has already changed twice in the last month, and could and may change again). 

At this point, the mister, girlies and I are leaving December 26th to begin our 38 hour drive down to Louisiana. It should take us about four days with all the stops for the kiddos. That will give us three days to find a place to live. We will stay at the military lodge on base while we look for our new home. Right now, we are hoping to rent a home initially until we know the area better. 

The mister begins his new job on January 3rd. Of course, all of this hinges on paper work from the military being transferred to the right people down in Louisiana. It sounds easy, but you military folks out there know it's like shooing at a moving target, while blindfolded, after being spun around ten times. So all the elements of the timeline could change if any part our our transfer papers are held up. 

I keep speaking truth to myself, knowing God has the official schedule all laid out. He knows the whens and wheres even if we don't. Honestly, sometimes I want to throw a brick through the window when another email lands in our inbox, shifting things around. Mostly, it is just my pride, not wanting to tell all my peeps we are moving back our moving date, again. But, what else can you do? God has provided this awesome job for us, one we thought we had no chance of landing. Many of the details about our home here have been answered and settled. Pieces are falling into place, just not in the order I expected. 

I will let you know as plans continue to evolve. I do have a couple of prayer requests.

1. Pray for wisdom in choosing a church family. 
2. Pray for wisdom choosing a home in a good neighborhood. 
3. Pray for the mister's new job, that he would exceed expectations and live out Christ in his new workplace.
4. Pray that I wouldn't loose my head, literally. Just that it would stay permanently attached. 

Thanks, friends. Please know how loved you are. 


  1. The military does operate on their own weird time zone don't they? I think toward the arrival date of our move here from NC... I just started making up dates to tell people :) Or saying something totally off topic like.... well when we do get there we are excited for (blank) (blank) (blank) ..... :)

  2. Hilarious, Keri. I will give that a try! :o)

  3. praying for you and this BIG move!

  4. Trusting God with the unknown is always hard for me. So I will be praying for you as you head directly into it. :-) We will really miss you guys but it will be fun read about all your adventures in Louisiana!

  5. I agree with you on the trusting God thing. It isn't the big things I struggle with, like the relocation in general. It is , "Hmmm...wonder if Addy will still nap in LA." or "Gee, will I stick out like a sore thumb, since all my clothes are grey?" You know, the really silly things.

  6. Um I'm totally off ALL Day on the 26th!!!!!!

  7. Will totally be praying!! WE love you guys!!