Wednesday, December 14

The Mister's Snowglobe

Every once in a purple moon I have a fleeting thought that I may be sorta crafty. I know some of you are rolling your eyes, but I am serious. I like decorating, styling, fashion, etc, but the days I un-holster my glue gun are rare. I loved crafts as a kiddo, but now I get a wee bit frightened doing them with my own kids. Silliness for sure. 

We had dinner with some dear friends last night, and the first thing Lily's eyes lighted on was a beautiful snow globe sitting on their end table in the front entryway. She loves snow globes, always has. So I did the normal parental thing, looked sweetly at her playing with it while inwardly screaming, "Don't drop that thing on the ground!!!!" We ushered the kids to the living room and I promptly forgot about that globe. 

Well, here is a shining example of how different I am from my mister. He came into the kitchen this morning talking about ideas for creating homemade snow globes for the girls using mason jars. Who does that? After a brief outing to the gym, I returned home to hear my man gleefully exclaiming, "TAPIOCA!" from the kitchen. Curious, I entered to find a plethora of ingredients steeping in mason jars filled with water. Evidently he was on the search for a snow-esque substance for the girls' snow globes. Rice wasn't "snowy" enough (I only have brown rice here) and glitter floated. Tapioca (after sifting to separate only the whole pearls) was the perfect "snow." It drifted calmly in the water and slowly floated to the base without disintegrating. Now that he had the snow, we both went looking for something to put inside the globes. The mister found some little puff balls in the craft closet and decided a snowman would do the trick!

Here is what he used:

One mason jar with lid for the globe, ribbon for the scarf, puff balls for the body, buttons for the, er, buttons, glue gun to put it all together, and tapioca for the snow.

Make your little snowman by gluing three puff balls together. Tie the ribbon around his neck for his scarf and add some glue underneath to keep it secure. Glue on the buttons down the front of the fuff balls. Finally, glue the bottom of the snowman to the inside of the mason jar cap. Fill your jar up with water and screw the lid on tight. Voila! 

I think it would be fun to use some little Lego men or other small toys your kids are willing to part with for the sake of the globe. So, if you and yours are feeling crafty today, you may have all the things you need to make your very own snow globes! Have fun! 

UPDATE: While the Tapioca doesn't disintegrate, it does seem to be growing in size! Our flurries are now a full blown blizzards! Woohoo!


  1. this is so funny, a friend just was telling me i should make mason jar snow globes. great minds think alike.

  2. This is so fun! I remember making homemade snow globes as a kid! Maybe next year Kenley will be old enough!

    When I was little we used empty baby food jars!