Thursday, December 15

The Game Obsession

Since the whole move across country thing became known to me, I have found myself chewing my lower lip over very bizarre thoughts. Like, will I get to wear the boots the mister bought for me this year (it is around 65 degrees there right now)? Or, will my hair be crazy frizzy in all that humidity? Or, will I be able to find a naturopath family practitioner (aka witch doctor) to care for our family? 

Well, I have added a new one to this little list: Will we meet up with any game buddies in the Shreveport area? Most of our close friends are aware that the mister and I love to play board games. Not the ones either of us grew up with (no SORRY or Monopoly in this house). We meet up with different friends almost weekly to battle it out with some of our favorite games. 

To many of you, these games may be very familiar. But I am sure most of you have never even heard of them. Well, here are they are listed in the order they were introduced to us:

It all started with Settlers of Catan. Some friends from our church first introduced us to this game. I was still clinging to my ideas of what a normal game should be and spent most of the time completely confused and hoping I would never see this game again. Ha! I think the mister came home with the box within a week. The following months he started to build our Catan collection (there are several expansions). Finally, we had so many expansions, he had to engineer a metal game board and magnetize all the pieces so we could keep all the parts on the table during game play. We don't mess around.

The next game obsession would be one that our close friends, Brent and Zanna introduced us too. Carcassone may be my favorite game (if you leave out the catapult. Yeah, you heard me, I said catapult). It mixes elements of Catan with a puzzle-like board. Super fun and competitive. 

After Carcassone, we moved on to Dominion. Also brought to us by B and Z, we love this game, too. The mister likes it because he is constantly trying to find new strategies to defeat me. I love it because I almost always win. It is actually a card game of sorts. You build a different deck throughout the game to play against your opponents. 

Finally, our latest game-craze: Ticket to Ride. Robert and Anika, my sweet bro and sis-in laws, showed this one to us. They have the European version, but we prefer the American set (thanks mom and dad for gifting it to your son for his birthday!). This is the one game out of the four that is most universally liked by our friends. It is easier to understand immediately. Everyone we have played this one with just loves it. 

So if you are in Shreveport and reading this right now (since I am quite sure all of LA reads this blog), pick one of these games out and get to it! We eagerly await fresh meat, I mean, competition that we can crush with our game playing prowess!


  1. Oh how I wish we lived closer together! We are big game people too. (Not to be confused with hunters of large animals). We play all the ones you listed except Dominion. Ian now wants to play the "grown up" games more than his own kid games. There are a few we let him join in's like a whole different expansion pack, playing against someone with NO strategy who seems to mess up everyone elses moves! Teach Lily how to match up the Carcassone pieces and just let her place tiles and men wherever she likes. It'll drive you nuts!

  2. Haha! Nice! Lily loves playing with the Carcassone pieces! Did you know they have a kids version? We just saw it in the store last week. I wish we lived closer too! Miss you so much (and I secretly admire you a ton. Shhhh!).

  3. Umm, Hello? Killer bunnies?!

  4. This is your sister! Now Lydia, killer bunnies is the best game ever!!!