Tuesday, November 22

Weekend Projects

Man, it was a crazy weekend! There is so much to get done before the mister heads down to Louisiana in two weeks. We had two major projects to accomplish on the property before he leaves: the gravel and the bathroom. Since we aren't selling our house yet, we wanted to make sure it is all set up for my momma, holding down the fort. First thing we attacked was the huge pile of pea gravel in the back yard (Sniff, all those garden plans are on hold, indefinitely). 

There was no way we could leave that pile sitting there in the middle of the backyard. After brainstorming a bit, we decided to move it over to the existing garden and use those free paver stones as a pathway around the raised beds. Geepers, that was a lot of lugging around rocks! All the pea gravel is moved, and half of the pavers are set in. Here is the half finished project:

I think it turned out pretty sweet! My winter garden is happy, happy, happy, nestled in the little rock patio. We still need to finish placing the stones and making some breathing room for those raspberries along the fence. But I am hopeful! This project seemed daunting three days ago. The size of the dead grass mark left by the gravel reminds me how grateful I am for my man who always works hard. He keeps his promises and never complains about the work. We were both out there in the cold, sniffling and sweating together, seeing it all come out just fine. 

After spending most of the morning outside, we went inside to tackle our bathroom remodel. That post is still to come. It's pretty exciting too! God is gracious to give us the time needed to tackle these things and the energy to accomplish them.


I wanted to just say thanks to all my friends who have been beyond encouraging, offering to babysit, giving me hugs, writing me darling notes (Arika!). You have helped boost my nerve. Given me more resolve! Goodness, I am going to miss y'all!


  1. Your sweet little garden looks stinkin' awesome!! Maybe once everything comes into full bloom, I will head on over and take some lovely pictures for you to enjoy!

  2. You are such a energetic daughter that I love very much. You and Stephen make a good working partner. What a great job you both did in your backyard. Congratulation for a job well done. Love you all. Dad