Saturday, November 26


After feasting and feasting, and then sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner, I had a moment of shame at how much I love food. Love it. I remember commenting to a friend recently, that if I could eat only one thing for the rest of my life, it would be cheese and crackers. Not just any cheese, mind you. The good stuff. The stuff you hate until you are at least twenty five. The mister does not understand this love for "stinky cheese." I prefer it this way, more for me! So when the appetizer spread takes up the entire kitchen island, and over half of it is savory meats and cheese, you know I'm pulling up a chair. 

My two favs at the pre-dinner feast were the ever so stinky blue cheese, and ever so sweet baked brie and honey (thanks, Beth, for the baked brie recipe so many years ago!). 

(Fact: If you mouth the words "olive juice" it looks like you be saying "I love you.")

Awww, shucks, I love you too!

Yes, those were all the photos I took. One with my moms and my Addy, and the rest of food. I didn't get any shots of the actual dinner, which was divine! Alas, someone needs to get their priorities to a healthy level. 

With the appetizers keeping us all stuffed longer than intended, our two o'clock meal was pushed all the way to seven! We were so blessed to spend the day with the Jason's, eating good food, playing games, watching games, and going on dimly lit walks in the brisk night air. For the past several years we have had a tradition of reading a verse of thanksgiving during the big event (we missed you, Hanleys and Bowers!). So to keep that up, at the beginning of the meal, we each read our verse of thanksgiving and then said lots of thankfulness things. 

Here was our list this year:

The Mister: Thankful for friends we will never forget and will visit often. 
Me: Thankful for my God and my salvation. For my family who is so dear (then stopped shortzers by buckets of tears, because that is how I roll). 
Grandmama: Thankful for her salvation and her family.
Lily: Thankful that she loves God.
Addy: Thankful for cereal. Honey Sunshine. (Ah, just like her momma!)

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  1. Um...I'm thankful for food too! ;o) Now, may I PU-LEEZ have the Honey-Brie recipe? I want to lick my computer screen right now.