Wednesday, November 16

Self Portraits

Photo Credit: Me!

Another rainy day. Time to get out the camera! How does this photo not make you grin from ear to ear? Seriously. It's so tooffy!

This morning the girls and I had a spontaneous photo shoot. Both of my children love to take photos and videos. What kid doesn't I suppose? Lily loves to get closeup shots of inanimate objects, very abstract. Adelaide tend to focus on faces and feet. Today I was trying to show the girls how to turn the camera around and take a shot of themselves. Here is the fun result. I'll give creds beneath each shot so you can see who the real artists in our family are. Oh, and you might want to sit back a little. They are called close-ups for a reason.  

Photo Credit: Lily Sophia

Photo Credit: Moi

Photo Credit: Adelaide Rose (That one shocked me! Why so serious?)

Photo Credit: Lily Sophia

Photo Credit: Lily Sophia

Photo Credit: Me for three (with a little help from photoshop)!

Rainy days. I really have to work at finding fun indoors. I think we are about to whip out some beads to make some rather fancy-shmancy jewelry. Then Legos and lunch. My youngest is forever wanting to paint and play with play-dough. Sigh. Not my chosen medium. But every artist is different, I suppose.

What do you other young mommas do on rainy days? I see baking something in our afternoon. Anyone up for some coffee and cookies?


  1. Lily how does the hair taste. Grandpa Doug

  2. So very sweet! I love them all:)

  3. Dad: Lily says yummers!
    Joan: We love you!