Friday, November 18

The Move Is Coming

The move. It is coming whether I close my eyes and hold my breath, or not. Louisiana, really? Can't seem to wrap my brain around that one. I still have my freak-out moments, when I look too far into the future. I get nervous because it seems so foggy. But then I keep forcing my brain to remember the last eight and a half years with my mister. Man, it is good to see all the ways God has cared for me and my family. From our first big move out to Washington, to Afganistan this last year, all these things have been for our good. I wouldn't have planned our path this way, but I also wouldn't change a thing. 

I am trying to get excited about this different chapter with my man and my girls. Could it be that I am finally loosening up and just diving in like a true Hickok? If so, I have a lot of catching up to do on that front. The mister was an Army kiddo growing up; he moved to a different state or country each of his four years in high school. He went into the Navy right after graduating and traveled all over the world. Last week we tallied all the places he has actually resided, not just visited: 37! Thirty-seven different homes in his thirty-six years of life. Change is in that man's blood! I, conversely, like my life just like my breakfast, the same every morning: cuppa coffee and two eggs. Without fail. No, I am not kidding. I just keep wanting it to all stay the same. 

Yesterday, I was driving around with my girls, and I was thinking about moving and the holidays and finding a place to live and missing my momma. I wasn't paying attention to the road, kind of on auto pilot. I didn't see the school bus in the opposite side of the road, with her stop sign out, or the dad and little girl waiting to cross the street. After some incessant honking by the bus driver, I woke up and slammed on my brakes, literally skidding to a halt. I instantly started bawling (how awkward!) and telling that sweet dad how sorry I was for not slowing down sooner. The angry bus driver was flailing her hands and yelling at me, but luckily I couldn't hear what she was saying just at that moment. The dad was so kind and forgiving. He felt bad that I felt so bad. After apologizing for the tenth time, I drove on. I couldn't believe how locked away I was in my worry about the move. And I just couldn't stop crying! In the back seat, my Lily Girl leans over to Addy and says, "Addy, momma is crying. You should try to rub her back and say it is going to be ok" (Picture both girls harnessed in trying to reach my back to comfort me, but being restrained by their seat belts). 

I decided then to be happy! Be happy about this new path. I have my God, my mister, my girls. They are all coming with me. We are in it together. I pray that I am done with this worrying nonsense. It's just no good. Who knows what wonderful things Louisiana holds for us? I am sure, whatever God has planned out will be just fine by me. I pray that I will stop putting my trust in myself, and put it all back on my God who has always cared so well for us. 


  1. hey girl - this is an adventure!!!! and how much fun to know that our great and awesome God had this planned before the foundation of the world - what a comfort. so raise your joy flag and parade around your living room with the girls trailing behind, marveling at the awesome mom they have!

  2. Oh I know this feeling...the terrifying excitedness that doesn't let you focus on anything that's happening at the moment.
    From the harness restraints of Iowa I'm giving you a hug and rubbing your back. It is going to be ok, Lyd. Focus on the truth you wrote above. Everyday. Focus & refocus. In less than a year, you'll be posting from your new home, full of new ideas, new friends, and renewed closeness to our Heavenly Father. Change can be the hardest and best thing for us...time to add a banana to breakfast? ;o)
    Love you so much.

  3. Wow, so much goodness and sweetness from two dear friends. Thanks for the encouragement. I certainly will parade my joy flag in my do-rag (that ones for you Debs).

  4. I totally understand! Those feelings are so human! I know the Lord will strengthen you and give you a sweet peace with it all! That was so sweet of Lily...nothing like the comfort God gives us through our little ones!!!

  5. Thank-you for sharing your very "real" life story with us all. More of us should just share life with others and be excited for one another in our journey. Its all a journey and how exciting to have new things to look at and new people to meet. Mike was there in L just a few months ago. Have you ever been there? He really liked it and in his short stay learned what you can do there and what NOT to do there. When is the move date?

  6. Joyce: We head out just after Christmas. I love to hear what Mike thought about the area. We are moving to Shreveport, so northern side of Louisiana. I may have driven thorugh parts of Louisiana, but nothing sticks out in my mind. Since I know nothing about the place and know no one, it is for sure a great opportunity to just trust God and trust my husband.

    Thanks, Alisha, for all you words of encouragement. You just went through this a couple years ago when going to Fl. So grateful for your prayers.