Tuesday, November 1

Leaf Jumping

Leaf Jumping. It's kinda like cliff jumping only without the cliff, and the water, and the heights. But, basically the same thing. My kids are daredevils to the extreme. What? You didn't know this about Hickoks? Let me illustrate for you. 

Exhibit A:
As you can see, Addy is completely in her element, relaxed and whimsical in the shroud of leaves. Like Jello really.

Exhibit B:
Then there's Lily. Even though she knows the inherent dangers of licking the rake, she laughs in the face of said danger and proceeds to lick. Addy remains Jello. 

Exhibit C:
After all the livin-on-the-edge stuff, we took a short break to motocross in the driveway. I wasn't able to  snap a shot of the flips and jumps, but here is Lily pushing Addy out of a steep ravine. Insane! (Clarification: the bike was free on the side of the road. We are not attempting to give Addy away. Not yet.)

Exhibit D:
This one really amazes me. Lily's willingness to pose so cheerily while being swallowed up by a mountain of leaves. Ever the brave face. Almost brings a tear to my eye.


(I tried to get this picture three times, you know, the cool jumping in the air throwing the leaves picture. I also tried to explain she needed to throw the leaves UP in the air. Well, if the amount of leaves covering me was any indication, the Up concept was completely lost on this one. )

Just another day survived by those crazy Hickoks. Our next great adventure may or may not include snorkeling amongst the sharks (i.e. A little scrubadubdub in ye ol' bath tub.) Check ya on the flip side!


  1. Your girls are too cute. Great pics Lyd ;o)

  2. Thanks Friend! So are your little cuties!