Thursday, November 3

Christmas Link Post

I know. It isn't even Thanksgiving. Seriously. But, don't deny that it feels like winter out there today! And all I want to do lately is bake, and eat what I just baked, and then bake some more so it doesn't look like I ate everything I baked the first time. Seriously. So, with that little confession in mind, I am trying to avoid the kitchen and organize my thoughts about the next few holidays. Since we aren't having Thanksgiving at my house this year, I skipped over it and went straight to Christmas!

Here are some of the ideas I am liking and linking for you all. I found all them on Pinterest, starting with this fun burlap stocking. I think I could manage that one on the sewing machine. Maybe.

I'm still thinking about some fun Christmas card designs. I like both of these ideas, especially the trifold card since it would be easy to do one pic for each of the girls and then a cute couple photo as the last panel. Who knows? The mister is the graphic designer. He has the final say on these kinds of things. 

A fun way to wrap presents using string and popsicle sticks. Definitely gonna try this out! 

Bottle Brush Christmas Trees! Perfect for the mantel with so many fun colors. 

Nutter Butter Reindeer Pops! These are the mister's favorite store bought cookies. For me these nutty snacks are shrouded in memories of late night study sessions in the dorms at college. Remember Karen?

A fun way to dress up mason jar candles. Lace and Twine

Finally! A diagram on cutting out snowflakes. Mine never, ever, ever look like snowflakes. We shall see if I can improve this year. 

Hope you weren't groaning thinking about Christmas already. It is my favorite holiday. Why not make it last as long as possible?


  1. You know me......I am ALL about Christmas!! BRING IT!!

  2. I almost commented in my post about you and your Christmas music! Haha! I think you helped to get me in the mood early! Thanks!

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  4. I have decided that we should have a Christmas party. I found a blog that had great Christmas themed games. They look like tons of fun! . I don't know how to make it a link, sorry!

  5. Haha! That sounds like fun! I almost sent out an email to all my buds yesterday about have a party just to play MAFIA. Did you ever play that? The mister thought it was a dumb idea, so I didn't. Boo!