Tuesday, November 29

Christmas is Here!

This year we visited a tree farm near our very first home up in Arlington, WA. It was raining. But it was awesome. We got a wonderful tree and a great photo for the Christmas card this year! 

The mister and I were reminiscing on the way home about our very first Christmas together. He didn't see the importance of having a tree for just the two of us. I wanted him to want to get one for me without actually saying, "Babe, I want you to get a tree for me." This story ended with me scrounging up a couple of evergreen branches and hanging them from the ceiling, intended to be an "I'll show him" moment (obviously, I do not shine in this walk through nostalgia). His reaction? "Whoa, what an awesome idea! We should hang branches from the ceiling every year!" Alas, not what I was hoping for. Glad to say, we smile thinking about that first Christmas together. Two kiddos later, it just gets sweeter every year. 

This year, with the girls at a great age to enjoy the whole process, was one of the best yet. We found a sprightly little tree and enjoyed some Five Guys before heading home. Hope you all enjoy your tree gathering experiences, too!

Merry Christmas from all of us!


  1. love the pic. Is it your new Christmas card?? Would love a copy.

  2. What a fun day, thanks for sharing. I love the family picture!!

  3. What a great pic! We are sure going to miss you guys!!!

  4. That is the cutest picture EVER! Did you take it yourselves with a tripod? It looks really good! And I love the home made sign:)

  5. Wow, thanks Joan! That is big praise coming from you, my friend! Yeah, a tripod. I was just tickled at how well the girls did. This is the first shot we took. So glad it worked out.