Wednesday, October 12

Pumpkin Carving! Woohoo!

Sometimes I look back at my childhood, and I pine for memories that just do not exist. Snowmen, for one, are totally eclipsed from my childhood memories. Tennessee just never had more than flurries, that I can remember. Then there are avocados. Ava-what-os? Never had one until a couple of years ago. Like kiwis, I thought they were an exotic fruit only seen on TV. And finally, there were the mysterious pumpkins with faces carved into them. Who really did that as a kid? Apparently, loads of people. But not us. Nope. We were drive-byers. Pointing out all the porches with nifty pumpkins, never thinking it odd that no pumpkin faces ever appeared on our front porch. That darn pumpkin fairy!

So, while our wonderful parents were here for a couple of days, I decided to go ahead and carve me up some pumpkins! 

So, it is WAY fun, in case you were wondering. 

We had three pumpkins to carve and four little ones to paint (thank you, Anika for this most awesome idea!). The large Jack-O-Lanterns were divided among the men and myself, and the little ones were given to the girls to paint under Grandma Jere's close supervision. 

Grandpa sought out inspiration from Lily, who drew a picture of triangle eyes, a round nose, and a zigzag mouth. He did not disappoint. Perfect to her explicit instructions. 

I, being the nartsy one (none-artsy), used a drill and put in a ton of wholes. Easy-peasy! Done!

The mister, well...he mistered his pumpkin (Yeah, I just used his name as a verb. Sometimes there is no other way to describe what it is he does). 

They all turned out perfect. The kiddos loved painting their little pumpkins, which now sit on the shelf in their room with Hello Kitty Stickers covering them. 

Our Jack-O-Lanterns are nicely displayed outside the side door with some pretty mums framing them sweetly. 

Now, I think I'll go sit by the window,  eat some kiwis and avocados, and watch the cars stare out at our beautiful pumpkins. 

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  1. Oh girl! Don't you know that you are living the life other people envy?! Your kids will have AWESOME memories of growing up!! And I love watching you guys live your wonderful life! Love you all! Janet