Tuesday, October 18

More Free Stuff for the Garden!

For a while now the mister and I have been dreaming and sketching and re-dreaming our someday garden. There are bits and pieces in our individual visions that we both want to incorporate into one master garden. Things like:

this, and...

this, and

Without the moo-la to go out a buy up a ton of materials, we keep our ears to the ground and search out those smokin deals. 

As you may know, we picked up these little beauties for free off of Craigslist:

Then, a friend heard through the grapevine that we were looking for some pea gravel. Not just a wheelbarrow full, oh no...morel like a lawn-full. Well, the good Lord knew our desire and provided a lawn-full of pea gravel:

See?Awesome, right?

Ok, so that isn't really a lawn-full. BUT...there is a lawn-full about ten houses down from us (thank you, Herrs!) and they are eager for us to continue removing the gravel and truckin it down here. This is just the first load. The mister thinks it will take four more truck loads to bring the rest down. 

But why are we putting gravel in our yard, you must be wondering? Well, The master plan involves a fenced in garden area with five more raised beds, a green house and some nifty-neato stone paths that will look something like this:

Pretty cool, huh? Lots to do before the rain season hits. Anyone wanting to work-out and help a sista and a mista, come on over and bring your shovel. Woohoo!

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  1. I love your vision for your garden/yard ;o) I even more love how God is providing it all at such a super great "price"! Makes it even more beautiful! Can't wait to see more photos.