Tuesday, October 25

Just Another Pretty Fall Day

A little walk in the park...
A little playin in some leaves...
A pretty spectacular morning.

(the tree in our front yard)


  1. AWWW! I wanna come play in the leaves with you girls! Miss you! Need a girls day SOON!!! Hugs, Janet

  2. Oh my! What a beautiful tree!!! Your girlies look so big! Love the pics!

  3. I have a dress coat for Addie for the winter. Phoebe has 3. She also has 8 (yes, that's right) holiday dresses that we would love to share. Miss you, can I come and hang with you on Thursday morning?

  4. Bekah: Yes to it all! Sounds great! Is my blog the new facebook? Never scheduled anything in here before.

  5. I figured that you checked this more than Facebook!