Monday, October 3

In some ways, the mister and I are a perfect match. Literally. Practically the same height, same ring size, same shoe size. Bizarre to say the least. As far as best friends go, he is the best of the best of the best. We both love adolescent literature, foreign films, and theatre. We connect on an artistic level I guess. I have never met anyone like him (although his brother comes very close). 

But there is another side to the mister that I have never been able to tap into. His geeked-out, lego-lovin, micro-machine-collecting side has totally alluded me. He keeps trying to pull me into that world, and I keep running in the opposite direction as fast as my size ten shoes can take me. Not dejected, the mister has taken it upon himself to recreate the perfect woman in our little Lily. 

This past weekend, he made new strides on his mission to geek out our girl. 

Enter BRICK CON: A Lego convention held every year down in Seattle. 

With the child in tow, the two of them explored the glasses-pushing world of Lego-lovers. The mister actually said that if he had remained single, he would have turned out like many of those dudes down there: throwing thousands of dollars into a toy that, once completed, takes up a lot of space until you decide to take it down again. Granted, my mister grew up on Legos and, along with his siblings, connects a lot of nostalgia to them. 

The day began with getting the girlie in the perfect attire (Note: I was away at a Ladies Conference at our church, so I had no part in dressing her). 

Totally geeking it out! 

The mister and I encourage both girls to take pictures and learn about cameras. So Lily actually took most of the photos from the convention. Of course a My Little Pony would be photo worthy. 

I have no idea why the elephants are running from the spiders. 

After the convention, they made there way over to the Children's Science Museum to decompress after that overload of stimulation.

I'll give it to the mister, it looked like a totally fun day. Now I have to go play like ten hours of dolls and dress-up to balance this child out.

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