Wednesday, October 5

The Girls: All About Ballet

Today was the first ballet/tap class for both Addy and our little friend, Alice. Lily, already an expert from taking this class last fall, showed the girls the ropes. Alice came over early this morning to get dressed up with my girlies. 

I think sometimes I get a little too excited for these girly excursions. A tomboy growing up, I was more interested in playing in the mud than putting on a tutu. Good to know some things haven't changed. But, for some reason, I get excited when I see my girls being, well...girly! 

 A quiet Addy moment caught on camera. We don't get many of these around our place. 

Here is a little pre-class warm up session. Addy is thrilled to be taking this class with big sister. She can twirl all day. Yay for pink, and ruffles, and slippers, and dance, and just being girls. 


  1. When Addy gets dizzy, shes got some sweet moves!

  2. TOTALLY cracking up right now. Even went back and replayed the graceful fall after all that twirling...Whoo...just gets to be too much sometimes.