Monday, October 17

Curtain Revamp

The night time saga with Adelaide is finally, mostly, hopefully over. We did several things to combat that crazy night time she-devil running into the hallway ever hour between one and five a.m. Trial and error brought us full circle to moving Adelaide back into big sister's room. It actually worked out perfectly since we had a slew of house guests in September and October, freeing up a nice little guest room. 

For now, the guest room is less of a bedroom, since it's short a bed and it houses the piano and the guitar desk. So, I guess we have a music room. So British of me! See me dressed like Elizabeth Bennet and totally faking it at the piano forte. 

Enter a cool Pinterest diagram:

As I meandered past this bare room, that diagram stuck in my head!  The music room curtains are the only ones in our house that are not hung close to the ceiling. I just couldn't bring myself to ever get rid of them. I bought these little green curtains at Ross around six years ago, and they have lived in all our last five homes. I remember paying six bucks total for both sets! 

I purchased some fabric last winter for this project, but would turn into a puddle of fear thinking about pulling out mom's sewing machine. Well, with the room now empty, I could no longer ignore the lower curtains. This weekend I went ahead and faced my sewing fears. 

I added a twelve inch white panel to each curtain. It was harder than I thought, took longer than I thought, but ended up looking even better than I thought. Now they can hang from the ceiling and still reach to the floor! Hooray!

Sewing machines everywhere now cower in fear of ME and my new found sewing skilz. They better rec-og-nize! Hehe...the mister loves it when I use my homey voice, yo.

Finally, all the curtains are in harmony with each other in their upper atmosphere, and I can finally mark something off the DIY list. Next up...transplanting some raspberry bushes. 


  1. Thanks! It was fun! I was surprised how much I liked sewing!

  2. Yes...laughing out loud over here about your skilz of speaking like a homey...Yo Diggidy. ;o)