Monday, September 26

Some Swinging Love

It has been a few months since the indoor Rattan swing has been in our living room. Margot (which I have secretly named her) has been met with some pretty varied reactions. The number one question out of most guest's mouths is: "Can I really sit in it?" 

Uhhh...yeah, I would hope so. 

Although, it is a rather nice holder for extra blankets and pillows when not in use. Here are some action shots:

Besides being an awesome storytime nook, the girls love swinging together while playing ocean, dessert, safari, ar any other dangerous location Lily can think up. Addy is really just along for the free ride. 

You may be wondering where I am in these photos, besides the obvious location behind the camera. While I love this chair, I do find that it has one negative side affect for me. It puts me to sleep. In the literal sense. The swaying motion makes me feel like a six-foot tall infant being cooed to sleep in a giant's wooden arms. I see why the babes like to be rocked so much. Pretty much the most relaxing motion ever. 

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  1. oh my goodness - Addie is beyond adorable! Love the daddy -daughter moment too! These make me smile!! Janet