Saturday, September 3

Patio Spruce-Up on the Cheap

It's no secret. I have been in love with the seventies since I was in high school. Yes, I love Simon and Garfunkle. And yes, I did turn a pair of my dad's dungarees into a groovy ankle-length jean skirt. And yes, I do sometimes part my hair down the middle and sway in front of the bathroom mirror when no one is around. So, it stands to reason that I would also like seventies decor. The starburst mirrors and clocks have been so dear to me and always out of my reach. Well, fooey on the world if you want to lable something vintage and charge 300 bucks for it, when I know my grandma only paid 30! I will just make my own...kinda.

During a random grazing of Michaels, I decided to scrounge up some cheap materials and put together my own little starburst-mirror-thing. One round mirror, one round wooden plaque, some branches, and a glue gun all had a party at my dinning table, and this cutie-pie was born. So it isn't a beautiful bronzey metal mirror, so what? At a grand total of $7, I am feeling pretty spectacular about it. It gave my (also very seventies) chairs some grounding. Plus, the humor of the crazy long twigs to the teeny tiny mirror makes me smile.

Not to be out-done, the eating area on the patio was needin' some bling as well. While garage-sale-ing on our block last weekend, I found this little beauty in a box of several shell wind chimes. I thought it was very pretty and it reminded me of macrame planters (which I love, duh). The mister wasn't sure about this one, but with a price tag of $5, I was allowed to bring her home. She looks so sweet swaying above the table (just like my long hair in that mirror).

It's fine line between grandma's house and vintage-chic. But I love my grandma's house, so I am pretty stoked either way.

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  1. I LOVE what you have done to your patio! You guys are so creative!