Monday, September 12

Mini Family Vaca to Spokane

Recently, to whole fam packed into the ol' Volvo and went off for a little R&R in Spokane. The mister had some business out there and we decided to make a weekend of it with the kiddos! We had a lovely time. The girls were wunderbar and the mister and I rather enjoyed scoping out the area. Here are some snap shots from our trip for all y'all to enjoy. 

What a blast! As you can see, there was plenty to keep us all occupied in the downtown parks. The girls were thoroughly worn out after only two days (which was perfect for the drive home)! 

Just now, while typing this, I realize that the girls are finally both old enough to remember these kinds of special events. Woohoo for filling up those little brains with happy memories stuffed with carosel rides, splashing in fountains, walking everywhere, and just loving on each other. 

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