Thursday, September 29

Living Room Progress

A month back or so, the mister started work on a built-in bench next to the fireplace to store our xbox, game cube (yes, we have a game cube, moving on), cords, and other random stuff. Well, we are still in-progress. The finished bench will have cabinets, not curtains. But since it may be a bit before he finishes it, I stitched up some curtains to bide the time. I am not a frilly girl, but the curtains are better than seeing what is behind the curtains, so I'm pleased as a pickle. It makes a nice little reading nook in the corner of our long and skinny family room. 

For the top of the bench, the mister used two kinds of wood (thanks Drew, for giving us your scrap wood!). He stained the top after piecing it all together. The alternating wood planks made a nice stripe affect from the stain since the density of the two woods was so different. What a pleasant surprise! It is beautiful! 

So far, we have installed one blind above the right window with a painted cover for the roll. After we install the second blind above the left window on the other side of the fireplace, I will spruce them both up on the cheap.  

It seems like our living room is finally starting to come together. The whole modern industrial feel is right up our alley. Not sure how we got up this alley, but I'm liking it. 


  1. man, it's looking amazing! LOVE it all!

  2. Thanks Shera! I am having a blast doing little things here and there.