Wednesday, September 28

Happy 36th, Mister!

A great morning celebrating my man's 36th birthday. I love that the mister and I are both September babies. I also love that he is six years older than me. Which puts us at right about the same level (that would put him seeming more like a 30 year old than me a 36 year old, in case you were wondering). 

Yep, uber compatible. He is just the best there is. 

The Birthday Day So Far:

Dance off in the kitchen while momma makes the frosting and daddy makes the birthday hats. 

Showing off the mister's most excellent millinery skilz, yo.

Showing off the momma's most excellent bakery skilz, yo. 

 Lil must be in the picture. To quote Mary Poppins (which I often do), "If you must, you must."

Happy Birthday to a most excellent husband and father. You are Loved by ALL your girls!

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