Friday, September 23

The Big 30

Most of you heard many, many, many times, that I turned 30 this past weekend. As the big day approached, I remember asking the mister to try and make it a special one. Not that he wouldn't have already, but I was feeling the blues about leaving my twenties and wanted a big shebang to erase all melancholy from my brain. Well, with a lot of help from my sister, momma, and my best friend, Beth, it was pretty much the awesomest of awesome party an old girl could ever ask for.

Here is the photo dump for you:

My first surprise flew in Thursday. BETH! Didn't see that one coming! So many dear friends came to see me ball my eyes out when I walked into my living room and saw Beth sitting there with big bow and a goofy sign. I tried to talk, but all I could do was cry. So, it was already going to be the best weekend ever, but then... sister, Beka, showed up for breakfast on Saturday! Say wha? Mightily surprise as I stumbled into the kitchen in my jammies to find her sitting at the table eating pancakes with the rest of my crew. Holy Moly! The surprises just kept coming!

Enter the best birthday party a girl could ever ask for. So many dear friends arrived to give hugs and loves. April and Gracen, Beth, and Erica hanging out a getting reconnected. 

One of my dearest friends, Janet, took so many pics for me. I swear she documents my life better than I do! Thank you Janet for being so king and generous to me. I love you!

Yay for Gale, Kiki and rest of the grand-babies coming by! 

Jen and the Vanderbekens hanging out. There's me with my crazy eyes. And, I am going to completely ignore that third head back there. Some people's kids, I tell ya!

The buds again. We didn't know it till she got here, but we had both lost over 25 pounds in the last few months! Woohoo!

 Sweet Moira, the Wainwrights newest edition. 

 My baby girl. Love her.

 My other baby girl with her best buddy, Brianna. 

 Bobby-Jase pulling out some wicked pusher moves. Lily, obviously enjoying every minute.

Little Marion playing with a balloon...

...then swinging on the swing with Grandma Marie. 

The Navy boys relaxing.

Leila and Beth chatting it up.

 Dear Russ with Jen, holding a much too serious conversation for a b-day party! 

Addy took some photos at the party and wanted my surprise face. I try to never disappoint.

My momma holding baby Asher. I love this woman so much. She had a big hand in all the planning. I am so glad she came her to live with us. We are blessed beyond measure to have her here, helping raise our girls. 

At the end of the day, the perfect day, this is little Addy, tuckered out, resting on my lap. 

So far, the thirties are looking pretty good.  


  1. Oh my goodness, Lydia! I don't remember being so emotional and sappy, (I like to blame it on having sweet little girls-the things they do to you!) but I have goosebumps and moist eyes after reading about your fun celebration and seeing pics (of people I don't even *why* am I getting choked up??) and reading your little captions of the people who bless your life. Awwwww. Happy Belated birthday! I did think of you..didn't post...felt like so many people said happy birthday it might sound redundant. Now I'm kicking myself. So happy to hear you had a wonderful birthday!!

  2. thank you letting us be part of your big day!!! we love you all.