Thursday, August 25

The Stone Pathway

I find that Saturdays are rather unexpected. Everything about them. I think it must be all the pressure to spend the day in a way worthy of Saturday. 

Our Saturdays generally begin the same way: Pancakes. The mister is the finest pancake maker in our house, nay...the world. Seriously. He doesn't even use a recipe. Chocolate chips, bananas, blueberries, you name it. I tell you this, so you can understand that every Saturday in our house is set up to be spectacular. So, after our killer breakfast and some coffee, we Hickoks loaded into the car. Today's Excursion? Garage Sales. I had my game face on.

As we were pulling out of the driveway, the mister took a moment to let me know we have to make a quick stop on our way. 

"A stop? Where?" I say. "We're gonna pick up some free stones I found on Craigslist," he says. "Oh," I say (in that way that really means, "You mean you expect the kids and I to come along on this random excursion to  pick up random heavy boulders and load them into our random '91 Volvo the heat...without snacks"). 

My attitude went from "Happy to Conquer the World of Garage Sale-ing Because of Those Awesome Pancakes," to "Oh."

"This better be Saturday-Worthy," was all I could rattle in my short-sighted brain. Well, just a few walkway stones turned into:

This is maybe an eighth of them. Wowza! A friends' borrowed truck and six hours later, all the stones were cozy in our backyard silently anticipating their new paths. This was definitely worthy of our Saturday. I can't imagine how much all this would have cost at Home Depot. 

When it was all said and done, I was so very grateful the mister whisked us away for this crazy errand. Having not seen the Craigslist ad, I had no idea how awesome these little guys are! Less than a week later, we have the making of our first little stone walkway!

Of course, you can't have walkways, without places to walk to. There is a long and short story behind these photos. I'll try to stick to the short. 

Combined two flower beds and bordered them with some clay pipes.
The windows along the fence are the ones we just replaced in our home. We are saving them for the new greenhouse. 

The mister cleared a lot of brush and ugly shrubbery (which is fun to say), with still more to move. He did leave one studly stump for us to use as a garden hose holder. The man is genius!

That pile of funky dirt on the left is our compost bin minus the bin. It will soon be moved to the other side of the garden.

How cheery to walk up a quaint little stone path to get the garden hose to water the plants that feed our family and water the flowers that brighten our home. Now, if only I would share some of that cheery water with the grass, then everyone would be cheery. Someday, I will get my act together. 


  1. Ahh - so this is what you have been up to! I agree - your mister is a genius & you both have a vision for your Eden backyard! Gotta come see it in person!! :) Janet

  2. Hehe...yes Janet! Always up to something! Come over soon! Love you!

  3. It all looks beautiful!


  4. You inspire me. This time it was to scour Craigslist more fervently for great deals and I found them ;o) Free perennials (sp?), and Cheap landscaping pavers like the ones we already have so they'll match perfectly. Happy Happy.
    Love watching the trasformation of your house. You back yard is starting to really really ROCK! WooHoo for sweat equity and a house with our own touches on it, right?

  5. Thanks, Deb! We have a great time working on it together!