Wednesday, August 10

Wall Colors Again

Here is the living room as she stands right now. Still loving on the couch and the coffee table. We have had many house guests since we purchased the sofa, and with the back cushions removed, it is large or larger than two twin beds. Of course, you have to sleep feet to feet, but it works famously! Now comes the bummer, I am not a fan of the two gray colors muddying up the place. But the idea of repainting the same room under two years doesn't appeal to me either. 

When we decided on the sofa fabric at IKEA, we didn't have the chance to bring swatches home and try them out. Of course, everything looks different in florescent lighting. Looking back, I probably would have made the same call on the fabric. It is light and fun and very sturdy. But that leaves me pondering new colors in the living room for the walls. 

Can you all see the difference? It really stands out in the afternoon light. 

I really want to stay in the gray family, but am thinking more about the blue grays so the sofa will really pop. I am leaning toward the one in the middle. Not one for really dark rooms, but the living room does have lots of natural light, as well as a large white fireplace and white curtains. Even as I am typing this, I am wondering if maybe I should rethink painting the walls white? Nice and bright. I am so indecisive! Grrrr!

Another angle to show the floors, too. 

I am open to suggestions. Light or dark, people? The mister is definitely leaning toward darker, and with the blue kitchen cabinets right around the corner, I don't want the colors to compete with each other. 

Here are the colors I think, I might be, maybe will choose from. Help!


  1. if you are looking for votes - can i split mine:
    2 or 3!

  2. So you think dark not white? I am leaning toward 2, for sure. But that will make it the same color as the dining table.

  3. if you went with numero dos it would tie your two rooms together nicely because it is the same as your table.

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