Thursday, August 4

Our Day in Photos

1. Swimming in the toddler pool at Forest Park:

2. Horseback riding at the Animal Farm:

(Adelaide got the helmet on, walked up the stand and sat on the horse. One sidelong whinny from that pony and she was done before she started.)

(While waiting in line for the horse ride, Lily was snapping shots with the camera to pass the time. No, I did not start sprouting white chest hair, that is Adelaide in my arms. And what happened to the rest of my eyebrow?)

3. Petting the animals on the farm:

4. Picking snap peas from the garden:

5. BBQ on the fire pit the mister made out of an old metal sign we found in the basement:

(Yep, that's an old golf club holding up one side of the grill. Pure Awesomeness.)

Pretty much one of the best days ever. 


  1. you hickoks know how to live!

  2. Awww- I remember taking our toddler boys to Forest Park petting zoo! And even going in the FP wading pool when I was a child - ancient history! Thanks for the good memories - and I love the BBQ - creative - and go figure it is ORANGE!!! Love it & you all! Janet