Friday, July 29

A Study in Portraits

After dinner a couple nights ago, the mister and the eldest child were having a drawing contest. Presumably, both were using myself as their muse. Above is the mister's brave attempt to capture my Mona Lisa smile while still incorporating my love of monkey lips. With the chosen medium of crayola crayons, he was able to reach outside the scope of time to make a timeless masterpiece forever recognized for it's many layers of meaning, similar to a flaky biscuit. Hearty and down to earth, while still managing to be sophisticated and playful.

This next work was done by our four year old prodigy. After seeing the work her father completed, she took on the difficult task of making a copy of that most wondrous work. Notice the evergreens whimsically place in the background. She chose to not only copy that previous work, but also enhance it with some accessories not shown above.  Case in point, the green vase in the foreground with budding blue and green flowers cheerfully bobbing in the wind. Also the two children dangling from my ears is a striking metaphor depicting her desire for both of my girls to stay near me for always. 

Finally, we have my amateur attempt at a realist portrait of my mister. Words cannot truly analyze what is going on here. Silence is my only repose. 


  1. AnonymousJuly 29, 2011

    I love seeing Lily's pictures! The very first thing I noticed was your people earings! Best ever! It's also very nice that you have a body. . . we are still stuck in "bowling ball with four appendages" mode over here. I will make no comment on either of your other pictures. =)

  2. Too Funny, Kare! Yes, Lily has a great imagination and she LOVES to draw! Just like her daddy!