Saturday, July 9

The Sofa Story

In the ever present DIY list floating in the air around our home, the top has been occupied by sofas for the living room (since seating in there was limited to bouncing on a very deflated birthday balloon). It had been two months since our sunny meeting space had been bare bones with nie a comfy place to land one's tushy. 

Here is where I struggled. Somewhere between breakfast and lunch every day, I do my daily tidying up. I go from room to room, opening curtains, making beds, putting away jammies, you get the point. At then end of that routine, I walk from doorway to doorway and just inspect each room (I think this anal retentiveness was born in my dorm-days-of-old with daily room checks. I still have a demerit slip which docks me for leaving water spots on the SINK! BAH!). So, each morning, I wait till last to approach the living room. As I walked to the threshold, I would remind myself, "The mister will take care of it. We didn't like the french toast couches. We will sit in there again, someday." Very silly, I know.

Well, I am not sure exactly what happened. We had our plan, the DIY sofas all sketched out. The only hitch was the upholstered cushions. I dreaded the idea of making cushions that screamed, "Lydia made me!" I desperately scoured the Internet looking for an alternative to making them myself. The mister still mocks me for seriously considering doggie beds as a possible solution. Did I mention I was desperate? 

Surprisingly, I was given a tip that IKEA sold their sofa cushions separately at their store. Placing all my hope on this tip, we drove down to IKEA in search for some cushions so we could start the build of the sofas. Well, the tipster was incorrect. They do NOT sell them separately. So, there we were in IKEA, rather deflated, and hungry, and tired. So, of course, we started browsing the sofa section, just seeing what we most certainly would not be able to afford. 

Then we spotted her. A sofa we both loved, a sectional, rather. Not too modern, not too stuffy. A few deep breaths before checking out the price tag...Only $200 bucks more than what we sold our old sofas for! Ok, slow down, don't do anything rash. It is still $200. That isn't a small chunk-o-change. Not wanting to dip into savings for a spur of the moment purchase, we talked about our options. One weekend garage sale later...we made enough for the sectional with some left over for a nice little date! Read huge breath of relief! I am not a seamstress, and really don't aspire to be one. So this fix really delighted me!

So without further adieu: 

The fabric is a lovely medium grey. I wanted to stay in the neutrals so I could change up the look of the room easily with pillows and throws. 

We opted for the standard wooden legs, and intend to replace them soon with some white, fatty, wooden legs. 

The only thing I didn't anticipate, was that the grey of the sectional is a cooler grey than the warmer, greener grey on our walls. Since the sectional is staying, like forever, the walls may have to be adjusted at some point. But, I am just excited to be able to sit and relax in here once again. 

Now, with the piano gone, the sofa in place, I can start figuring out wall colors, what to put on the walls, etc. But, there is no rush, just going to enjoy this lovely gift.  I am content if nothing else happens in here for a while. 

Just writing this reminds me of all we have been blessed with. Christ, my Savior choosing me to be His child, reigning in me; my husband home building things to his heart's content; two girls growing up more every day; friends and family loving on us and supporting us. For a girl who deserves NOTHING, God sure does extend His love so graciously. 


  1. love this post. love your thriftiness, your ease of stepping into a plan, and putting it all in perspective at the end. oh and isn't it fun how adding that grey completely changed the look of the walls?! excited to see what you already looks amazing! :)

  2. is there a painting party in your future???????

  3. Haha...Not anytime soon...but that was a great day! Actually, I don't WANT to paint over the walls, just because of that awesome painting party!

  4. And BTW, it is SUPER comfortable :)

    Love you, Lyd!