Thursday, July 14

Scalloped Bunting

I recently co-directed a Dance and Drama Camp (note: see me doing drama here, no one wants to see me dancing, ever) for little ones two weeks ago. We had a blast! It was an "Under the Sea" theme. During some of the down time between dancing and drama we worked on crafts to display at the final performance. For one of the projects we made fun little rainbow fish out of coffee filters, a paper plate, a spray bottle, and scissors. The fish turned out really beautiful!

So, this week I made some more with my girls just for fun. As I set the filters out to dry, I realized it made some pretty bunting that was super fast and totally on the cheap! I can see a whole ceiling lined zigzaggy with these guys. Very bright and colorful and perfect for summer (kinda tie-dye-esque!). Thought I would share in case any of you moms out there have a little shindig coming up and need a shot of color with out all the sewing and time regular bunting calls for. 


1. Place a coffee filter on a paper plate or a tablecloth used for crafting 
2. Scribble on the coffee filter with several different bright washable markers (these seem to run the best)
3. Using a spray bottle, mist the filter all over with enough water to let the colors start to run together
4. Hang the filters to dry over a piece of string or yarn.

We did these in about five minutes. Lily busted out seven of them pretty fast. Addy took her time and drew smiley faces for the most part. I think we will make some more to finish up the length of the chalk board. Heck, I liked making them as much as the girls. This is one craft that requires NO ACTUAL ARTISTIC ABILITY. Sign me up for that!

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  1. Fun, fun!!! (my favorite part of the pictures, though, is the chalk lying on the door frame - just always makes me chuckle because it seems so high up to us short people but right handy for ya'll!!! ; ) Love it all! Thanks for sharing your crafts - always inspiring! = )