Wednesday, July 13

Quick Little Before and After

This fireplace brick has been smirking at me since the moment we bought our place over a year and a half ago. It is one of those projects that is so easy, too easy, to set aside a little chunk of time to work on. 

Well, the mister is home and he has single handedly taken over home improvement projects. Gone are the days of me whittling away at one project for days. Hello to the speed demon I married, busting out projects left and right. He is quickly catching up to me on the tally board. 

So, I found myself sticking my tongue out at those cheeky bricks and decided to show the man I can still wield a...paint brush (you heard me) with ninja like agility! Ten minutes later...a much more sophisticated fireplace emerges. Bright and happy. The tile at the base is gonna stick around for just a bit more. Hooray for quick fixes and some friendly competition (fare warning to my mister)!

P.S. I will snaps some shots of the whole fireplace in a couple of days. The mister had been working on a custom mantel and  I want it to be finished before I show you all the whole thing. Let's just say, the man knows how to make a house unique!

1 comment:

  1. Looks great!!!! Can't wait to see that special mantel! = )