Monday, July 18

Jetty Island

We have officially lived in Washington for six years this month. How is it that I have just discovered Jetty Island? What's that you say? Free parking and free boat ride to the island? And, did you really say only ten minutes from my house? WHA? My mister used to tell me that Washingtonians spread rumors about how much it rained here to keep too many people from moving here and crowding up the state. Well, I think the locals around here have been doing the same thing about Jetty Island. I thought it was little more than a barren sand dune. I never even thought to look it up or check it out in person. Until, my good friend Bekah W., suggested it a couple of weeks ago. She had me at FREE BOAT RIDE! 

Today was my second venture there (my first trip was cut short by the last return ferry time). It did not disappoint. We spent the morning there with another good friend, Bekah M., and her three kiddos. Come on...a free boat ride! Seriously? Ok, so, it technically only lasts 5 minutes (and that is counting the unloading time). But any boat ride to me and my girls means jackpot!  

Lily, Alice, and Addie loved staring over the rail to watch the little waves.

First things first, we walked, skipped, trudged, and ran out the water. There is quite a bit of seaweed at the top of the morning (which I explained to Lily was only mermaid hair, but that didn't seem to help), so it was a maze finding a sand-only path. The kiddos loved splashing and playing in the water.  Since the water was only inches deep for several yards, all the kids were able to play in it and enjoy themselves. 

Second things second, we headed back to camp to begin work on the sand castle. This effort took up most of our stay on the island. 

Everyone chipped in building the castle. The mister was the lead architect, while the kiddos worked right along, enjoying every messy part of it!

The castle had many wonderful features including a bridge over a raging moat. See the terror on Lily's face? Raging, I say!

 Lily placed shells along the walls of the castle for windows. It's all in the details!

Proof of the mister's worthy efforts. Well Done, good sir! You earned your "Awesome Daddy Badge" today, like you do every day (Aww, let's all take a mushy moment!)!

Of course, we can't let the tide destroy our handiwork, so the girls make play Godzilla all over this thing!

Jack was doing a bang-up job burying Nate, 

A little break to play some ostrich in the sand.

That made me smile, see?

The ladies, deep in conversation. 

Confession, I pretty much stayed here the whole time. What?

The ride back.  What a perfect day!

P.S. At the end of every perfect day, is a perfect bubble bath. It's the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. My little chicken knows how to do it in style, rockin the blue goggles!


  1. YEAH! Thanks for the pictures. The Weather Channel was completely wrong about their predictions! Oh well, looks like you guys had a great time! I will be with you the next boat trip!

  2. AnonymousJuly 19, 2011

    Awesome, awesome day! Pleeeeze can I come next time? NEVER been there - YIKES! SO glad you all had such a great time. The photos made me smile!! Love you guys! Janet