Wednesday, July 20

Garden Shmarden

As a (self-proclaimed) novice gardener, I was confident that my efforts in the dirt would produce a plethora (well aren't we rather snooty this morning) of produce perfect for pleasing the palate. Well, I'm gonna blame my late bloomers (and my cheesy alliteration) on the sunshine that has been hiding out behind those clouds for the past MONTH! Actually, I like Washington weather, but my slow to sprout veggies say otherwise. 

Well, here I am, to show off some Pretty Purdy Produce and some soon to be PPP. 

My little carrots and pole beans happily hanging out.

Some sugar snap peas. Grow, grow grow!

First tomater. Ahhh, they grow up so fast!

The only thing I am harvesting right now are my carrots. Boy, oh, boy are they divine! 

The new composting bin the mister made. He is kinda cute, I think. 

I am really digging (hehe) the whole gardening thing. I even like weeding and tending it. Each morning after breakfast I head out to see the progress of the veggies. The snap peas seem to double every night. My broccoli is surprising me by doing rather well. I also planted some pumpkin and squash starts last week, looking ahead to this coming fall. So far, my first attempt at gardening has been a wonderful experience. Hopefully the crop will keep growing strong (hoho) and we will enjoy some good eats LATE into the summer. 

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