Tuesday, June 14

Together Again

The mister and I both agree, it feels like the last eight months never really happened. Kind of dream-like. Even though we were not able to talk much face to face while he was away, the emails and texting really did keep us in a good state of communication. There wasn't much to fill him in on once his feet touched down in Washington. Stephen loved his job and the people; he said the only down side was missing all his girls. I found the same to be true here. We missed him every moment, but the chance to grow in my parenting, in my walk with Christ, in my relationships with those helping us out, it was all rather extraordinary. It still boggles my mind some military families are apart upwards of a year or more, and on a regular basis. God is good and faithful to carry us through all circumstances and we can find joy in every moment!

To say that I am a VERY happy woman is an understatement. I have my love home again, and I can finally breath! The girls have both reacted differently to Daddy's return. Adelaide loves to wrestle and jump on him, but when the tears come out, she is running for momma and is not ready to let the mister in yet. Lily is much more a Daddy's girl. She can barely pull herself away for two seconds. She wants to hold daddy's hand, sit on daddy's side in the car, lay on daddy's side of the bed. She is utterly beside herself with his return. It is a little shocking to actually see how much she missed him. It makes me happy to see her so in love with her father.  

Here are some of our attempts to grab some family photos this afternoon. Lily is never far from Daddy, but neither am I, so I can't really blame her. 

You may be wondering at the distinct lack of Addie in most of these photos. We were able to wrangle her for the one shot and then, well, the hose just called to her:

Together again. Let the sun shine, let the birds sing, my heart is joyful and the tears of happiness continue to flow. 


  1. The boots. Love the boots. Wear 'em everywhere. They are THE war token.

    I'm so glad you guys are reunited. Knowing just what coming home feels like, I'm most thankful that the return was good, peaceful and "back to normal" for you.

  2. AnonymousJune 14, 2011

    SOOOOOOO Happy for you all! Stephen looks great! And you look so happy & relaxed! Can't wait to see you 4 in person! Hugs! Janet

  3. Rejoicing with you both! Two of my favorite people in the world. "Reunited and it feels so good..." ♪ ♫ ♬

  4. Is it weird that I'm tearing up on this side of the screen? I'm so happy for you, my friend. I had to look at all the pictures before I even read your post and maybe that's why I was clearing the water from my eyes. The last pic of you & Stephen is the best. Like the world is set right again...but still, let's not forget to have some coffee ;o) Love you much!

  5. I am so every excited for you! I have avoided calling because I didn't want to take you away from each other. I will call soon. Praying and loving you all!

  6. Thank you all for your generous words!

    Deb, I totally teared up while typing it, so we are on the same page! Love you!

    Joan, Thanks, now that is in my head...FOREVER! Love you!

  7. Oh, and Robert, Stephen claims those are the best boots in the entire world! He loves them!

  8. SO HAPPY for you both! What a joy to my heart to see you all together. Can't wait for some pizza dinner or something once we're back from VA.

  9. Rejoicing with you!!! LOVE the pics - Addie just makes me laugh. It is so precious how much Lily wants to be with her daddy. I am sure that makes your heart overflow!