Tuesday, June 28

Piano Forte

Here is the old living room. 

It is actually pretty bare at this moment. Just a lonely coffee table with stacks of books on top. I was able to sell our sofa and love seat a couple of months ago and have been deliberating with the mister on what the new living room should look like. Many sketches later, we decided the piano (a freebie off of Craiglist) had to relocate. 

We own a small home, three bedroom and one bathroom. The living room is actually a great size, but it is long and lean with a fireplace on one of the long sides. The piano could only go opposite of the fireplace, which makes it difficult to place sofas and chairs. So, with no other living rooms available, we decided to move it into Adelaide's room. Yes, that is my two year old. And, yes, I have thought af many things that may in the future drive me bazonkers about her easy access to the piano. But, that room may be the homeschool room or music room in the future if we decide for the girls to share bedrooms again. And, if not, she may be inspired to become the greatest child piano prodegee this world has ever seen. It could go either way.  

One problem. The piano is too large to squeeze through the hallway and door ways leading to Addy's room. Deal breaker, you say? Not even close. 

The mister, with a special gleam in his eyes, decided to get busy (I had to leave the room for most of this process. I am weak at heart and can't always control my terrified looks). Here is what followed...

Yep, he took it apart. Completely. The whole thing. Let me assure you music lovers out there (Beth, stop wincing so you can turn to Bill and tell him to stop wincing), the piano was not really in tune before these shenanigans, and we are going to tune it now that it is in it's final (and I do mean final) resting place. I didn't snap a picture, but he was able to get the legs off and the key tray removed so that it slipped right into the room rather nicely. Once apart, we gave it a nice clean-up and lots of love. 

I had my doubts. Why do I ever doubt that man? I don't know, maybe because he likes crazy projects that involve intricate processes and complicated tasks. But, he put that bad boy back together and it plays as well as ever. He even fixed a couple sticky keys, both pedals and the wobbly bench, so it's state has  actually improved in this crazy process. I will post some pics of Adelaide's room tomorrow. It fits quite nicely and she is thrilled with her new toy! 


  1. The guy is GIFTED. I am amazed. Always have been. Can't wait to see the final results.

  2. Liz GuerreroJune 28, 2011

    Oh my GOODNESS!!!
    (but...how awesome:)

  3. Wow! What a project! The piano keys look so cool laying on the floor like that! I have been reading your blog, Lydia! I am loving all your posts!

  4. i love you guys....and when we get back from california we need to get together!!! great job steve. i passed along the post to my brother-in-law who is a master piano refinisher....maybe he as a job for you!!!

  5. Okay guys, Erik and I were cracking up! But I have to tell you at first I was wincing a little too. But I'm sure you had no doubts Lydia!