Monday, June 27

My Jewelry Box

Yesterday, my mom and I were chatting away at a garage sale about how un-girly we can be. Growing up, I never remember EVER seeing my mother where jewelry and makeup was always kept to a minimum. She never carried a purse, but as a teacher, she did always lug around a large brown attaché we kids logically named: The Brown Thing (probably not the best name, but it makes for a smiley memory).

Once, when asking if I could pierce my ears, she responded, "Dear, if you pierce your ears, the only thing people will ever look at are your ears." I swallowed that one whole. (Looking back, and now having my own chillins, I realize the tactic my mom was using, and hold no grudge for this little fibster). 

This chat made me acknowledge I have changed a bit since being married for almost eight years. Before marriage, I really did do it all like my mother. I felt awkward with purses and rarely wore jewelry (my first ring was my engagement ring), and I wore very little makeup. I remember the mister proudly declaring to his buddies that his fiance would never want jewelry, she doesn't even have pierced ears! He had officially found the perfect woman. I won't argue with that sentiment, although I have diverged from that girl he hitched eight years ago. 

I still don't wear much makeup, and I still don't have pierced ears. My only ring is my engagement ring and wedding band. I own one purse and find it to be too big, since I never know what to carry in it. But, I found that I did actually, kinda, sorta, like fun, unique jewelry! I like picking up pieces at thrift stores and antique shops. I finally had enough pieces, that I needed a place to put them and keep them organized. 

After my youngest ripped apart two pairs of glasses within a one-month span, I new I wanted to keep the jewelry up high and out of the way. I decided, since we didn't have much art in the bedroom, that I would go ahead and hang it on the wall. I found on unused frame in the hallway closet, and voila! A little jewelry holder that keeps everything visible and tidy. 

ps. Those two turquoisey necklaces and the jade pearls were a gift from the mister that he purchased from an Afghanistan bazaar! Love them! He always impresses me with his thoughtfulness and love. 


  1. AnonymousJune 27, 2011

    Been meaning to do this for some time with my "chunky" jewlery. I can totally see this expanding into a few more frames keeping colors grouped. Does make for some very nice art!

  2. Slick idea. Makes me think about a LARGE collection a certain someone has under the bed...