Wednesday, June 8

The Flower Girl Dresses and a Bit O' News

Do to a little mixup, and Janet's generosity, I was able to come home from the wedding last week with TWO flower girl dresses. Lily was actually in the wedding, and did a fabulous job! Adelaide was tickled pink to score a new dress and get all matchy-matchy with sista for church last Sunday.

I am not sure what your Sunday mornings are like, but mine can be, but are not always, chaotic. I usually set the girls clothes out the night before, a lovely habit the mister nudged me into. But last Saturday night I forgot about the shoes. Oh, the shoes. Lily, ever responsible when it comes to footwear, always puts her shoes in just the right spot. Somewhat neurotic about it, actually. But, at least I always know where they are. 

Adelaide is a whole other sack of potatoes. To make a long story bearable, she went to church in her rain boots. She didn't care, and I really didn't mind that much either. I like her spunk, and she pulled it off rather well. 

In other news, I will be taking a little break from posting for a bit. I get to pick my mister up from the airport tomorrow, and I can barely contain myself! Thanks to all of you who read this little blog. Your comments and support have really encouraged me over the last eight months. This has been a lovely distraction from missing my man, and I hope I can keep it up when he is home as well. I know you will all be interested in the projects he decides to tackle. If you think I can DIY, then you haven't seen anything yet. He is the most talented person I know. And I get a front row seat to his genius! God is GREAT! So, see you all in a week or so! 


  1. So excited for you...cannot imagine the joy you have in your heart right now. We'll miss you here but enjoy the time together finally as a family again! : )

  2. AnonymousJune 09, 2011

    Love the girlies in their sweet dresses - great background too! And the boots - well... it is soooo Addie! Can't wait to see them today & for you to pick up Steve!!!! LOVE YOU!! Janet

  3. As I said before, Addie cracks me up!!! This picture made me laugh out loud!!!!!! Yes, you gotta love her spunk!! = ) Adorable little girls!