Tuesday, June 28

Adelaide's Room With Piano

I am sure you were all on pins and needles about seeing the piano in our daughter's bedroom. So, there you go. I went ahead and snapped some shots of the rest of her room, since it has evolved a bit recently. 

Like my half covered letter "A"? That super-neat-o branch and birdie mobile was made by Beth Lewis, crafting extrodanaire! She passed it on to me before her big move to Wisconsin. It was not an even trade for her departure, but at least we have a little Lewis reminder hanging (haha) around our house. 

Here is a close-up of the vintage pattern prints hanging in Adelaide's room. I found the prints at an antique shop in Snohomish while shopping with Erica and Rhonda (I think they were a buck a page). The frames were from Walmart for three bucks each! I love me some inexpensive art!

The other side of the room. I am not sure how the dresser in front of the window will work out, but that is the only place for it for now. The mister is dying to toss it in our bonfire, for all it's stuborn drawers and broken knobs. But for now, he is safe. For now. 

Nice view of the awesome night stand the mister made out of a stump! Bark free, laquered up, and wheels attatched, it is the cutest little side table I have ever seen!

Hello Sunshine Bear and Sally Cabbage Patch!

Kind of a boring shot, but this is the doorway wall of closets. It currently houses the mister's old computer, scads of books to be gone through, and a truck load of military uniforms both Army and Navy. 

I like how it all came together with the addition of a giant piano. I wasn't sure, but after the dismanteling and putting back together, it is safe to say that the piano is now a loved and permanent fixture in this room. Like, forever. 


  1. love the tree stump...been wanting to do that myself. not sure where to find a tree stump though. ; )

  2. Joyce CecsariniJune 28, 2011

    one word

  3. Gorgeous. Love the whole thing. You guys have done wonders with the decorating. Someday we'll do this with our house. Cause it'll be ours.

  4. AnonymousJune 28, 2011

    Love the bird theme! Might have to steal it for the guest room & use my boxed up bird collection! Think I could recreate Beth's genuis? I bet she has the tutorial on her wonderful blog! Any how I LOVE the room. And tell the Mister he cannot burn the highboy dresser!!! We'll talk! :) Love you guys!Janet

  5. Steve and Lydia. You both are so amazing!! Miss you and see you in 10 days or so.

  6. Don't worry Janet, it is safe-ish! Haha! Who knows with my man, right? :o)

    Thanks for all the encouragement, friends! We are having fun. The real world will hit us very soon, I am sure! Not that the fun will end, no, no!