Monday, May 9

Where I Want to Be

Here. With the mister, the childies, and myself. 
Sunglasses, hot coffee, warm breeze. 

I have a case of the wishies today. Trying to remember that today was ordained by God. Not a single thing went poorly, just missin the mister, wanting a date. Most days, it goes by too fast to even think about it much. Now that we are on the countdown, I find my mind wandering away from this present and into the future filled with trips to the beach, with always happy children, everyone moving in slow motion, and the air smells like strawberries. This place obviously doesn't exist, but I see it there anyway. I can feel my head floating into the atmosphere dreaming away. I love that I miss my best friend so much. I love that he misses us, too. 


  1. Love you Lydia:) This looks like just the spot...

  2. i wish you there too!